Lost Shih Tzu Returns After Five Years

Though many household hounds have incredible noses, the tracking abilities shown by one California shih tzu can be explained only by the existence of a canine sixth sense — or a homing device.

Five years ago, Myrna Carrillo’s beloved shih tzu, Prince, went missing from her parents’ home in California. After an unsuccessful search, Carillo believed that she’d never see her pup again. But when Carillo returned home from work last Wednesday, she got the surprise of a lifetime: The long-lost Prince was sitting on her doorstep — a doorstep he’d never seen before!

Hard to Believe
During the five years the dog was missing, according to KGET-TV 17 in Bakersfield, Calif., Carrillo got married, had kids, and moved four times. Still, the shih tzu somehow tracked her down.

And Carrillo was able to set aside her disbelief. “I was a bit scared, more than anything,” Carrillo tells KGET. “Because I didn’t know if I was seeing something or what. I’m just hoping nobody’s pulling a prank on me.”

Strong Evidence
Right away, the dog seemed to recognize her, but Carrillo wondered, Could it really be the same shih tzu?When he arrived on the doorstep, Prince was a little dirty to say the least. But after a visit by the groomer, the resemblance is reportedly hard to deny, even for Carrillo’s veterinarian, Dr. Ann Hamilton of Bakersfield, who noted that the dog’s “grizzle coloration is pretty unusual.”

Hamilton tells KGET that she thinks the dog is Prince also “because of the black around the face and the fact that he recognizes his name, and he’s showing behaviors they had noticed before.” Hamilton then pointed out the importance of microchipping you pet.

During the past few days, Carrillo says she’s grown more convinced that the dog that showed up on her doorstep is, in fact, her Prince. In this real life “Incredible Journey,” it is plausible a dog missing five years can be reunited with his owner. After all, a cat lost during Katrina found its way home late last year.



About Gina Coleman

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
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