If Cinnamon is indeed the miracle spice then why not make it a staple in our diets?

Lately I’ve been adding cinnamon to my coffee before brewing it.  It gives it extra flavor and seems fitting for the season.  This morning the shaker part of the lid came off causing me to dump half the jar of cinnamon into the coffee filter.  Not wanting to waste the coffee and cinnamon, I tried to scoop most out.  Since I was getting coffee as well, I just dumped it back into the bag of coffee.  Anyway, that’s irrelevant.   Needless to say, my coffee is very flavorful this morning.  It’s on the verge of not being drinkable…a cinnamon bite.  

This got me to thinking, a co-worker is always raving about taking cinnamon supplements.  I block her our for the most part because one, I don’t like taking vitamins, supplements, and I try to not take much medication in general.  I try to eat a balanced diet that will nourish my body with all the proper vitamins, etc and two, most of what she talks about, she has no facts to back up.  It’s like she hears something and automatically believes without doing research.  So, with that said, I googled the benefits of  cinnamon this morning.  I read several articles and it sounds to me like cinnamon is a miracle drug.  In my next post, I will list the25 benefits of cinnamon and a brief overview of the spice.  All interesting.  Will you increase the amount of cinnamon in your diet or were you already on this bandwagon?  I’m curious to know.


About Gina Coleman

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
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