A Tiger Living Among Chickens

There is a buzz in the air here in Columbia, SC.   The number one team in the nation is rolling in to town along with ESPN Game Day. Gamecock nation is up and ready, feathers ruffled and ready to fight.  They are asking people to camp out in the Horseshoe tonight so they can be nice and “ripe” for live TV on Saturday.  Whatever works.  I’m sure it will be interesting.  Spurrier did request for the fans to be nice to Corso.  That made me giggle and an entirely a different story.   


I am actually enjoying the buzz…it takes their minds off of trying to make my life miserable.  As a lone Tiger fan in a large stinkin’ chicken coop it can be tough at times but I hold my own.  I probably know more about football, stats, etc. than most of the men and women that I work with or come into contact with on a daily basis.  Even so, they insist on constantly blathering and ribbing me when my Tigers lose.  There is one in particular that I can always count on and this week I was ready for him.  He’s calm and respectful, but his well chosen words send me from 0 to bitch in less than 3.5 seconds.  I think he practices on Sunday.   I forget what he said but I countered this week with..”we talk football every Monday, more so when Clemson loses.  What strikes me as funny is that after the Carolina/Auburn game, you avoided me all day.  So, before we talk about the Clemson loss to Miami we still have to back up and cover the debacle of the last quarter of gamecock football.”  Stunned, he suddenly had something to do.    It is what it is… 😉


Anything can happen, but I find it highly unlikely that the Gamecocks pull an upset. 


I have other things on my mind at this time.  Saturday is a must win game for my Clemson Tigers if they still want to be in the “race” for the ACC Championship.  We have what it takes to finish this damn job that we’ve been trying to complete for years on end.  I’m ready and I’m still “All In”.  


Toughness is like being smart…if you have it you don’t need to point it out or talk it up,  people know it when they see it.   If we bring the toughness that we displayed against Auburn, this game is ours. 




About Gina Coleman

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
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