***ACC apologizes to Clemson for call in Auburn game***

We have it on good authority that the ACC has issued a private apology to Clemson for the illegal-snap call that led to Chandler Catanzaro’s missed re-kick, sealing Auburn’s 27-24 victory in overtime on Sept. 18.

Replays show that deep snapper Matt Skinner double-clutched the ball just before the snap. But on such an infraction, officials are supposed to recognize it before the snap and call a dead-ball penalty.

As it happened, Catanzaro’s first kick went through the uprights, apparently tying the game at 27 and forcing a second overtime.

After the play, the officials huddled. One official said he saw Auburn offsides. Another said he saw Skinner double-clutch the snap, drawing the Auburn player offsides.

As it happened, Clemson was penalized for an illegal snap and the ball was pushed back 5 yards. Catanzaro missed the 32-yard field goal.

Since illegal snaps are dead-ball fouls, I’m guessing the proper way to handle it would’ve been to call no penalty, count the made field goal, and go on into a second overtime.

Again, it’s not as if Clemson was flagged for a phantom penalty. But it’s notable that the ACC acknowledged mishandling the sequence in question.

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