More Than Fried Gravy.

As a weight losing southeren, I am tired of being a statistic.  I’ve dealt with weight problems my entire life so fried gravy isn’t what tipped my scales.   I found this artical that covers real issues of why the South is the Chub Hub of the states. 

Amanda aka

There are a myriad of things that can contribute to a individual’s being overweight and a large group of people.
Yes the culture down here is to cover everything in butter and deep fry it. After we deep fry it we cover it in gravy made with more butter. Yes we love to eat and it shows. Isn’t it funny when tourists come here the first thing they want is southern cooking?
We also are poorer than other states and yes we have less funding for phys. ed. and nutrition. Yes we are the lowest in education blah blah blah. However, that does not mean all of us are stupid and fat and lazy.
Please do not let a study color your opinion of an entire population of people. I have lived outside the south and have moved back home again. I lived in the Pacific Northwest and I do know that the culture there was geared toward education and fitness. That is fabulous.
I have lived in poorer sections of the south and I now in a upper middle to upper class area of South Carolina and do see that there is a shift in thinking. The men and women around here do seem more health conscious. That fact is made more obvious by the amount of supermarkets, food stores, restaurants and gyms are significantly higher here.
By the way I did grow up in a poor section of SC and surprise surprise: I was in P.E. every year, we had health every year, and we talked about nutrition, every year. Guess what!? I still got fat! Learning healthy eating habits has to start with the primary care givers of the home MOM and DAD. Both my parents were overweight so low and behold so was I. Both my parents hailed from southern states Texas and SC. Strangely enough my father was a medic in the Navy so he knew better and still got fat. So to address the idea that education is always the answer, not true. Best education is by example and starts at home.
So we aren’t all overweight and uneducated in the south. There are some of us, myself included that have joined the global community and are fighting the good fight.
So please don’t be so quick to judge and “size us up” by some poll.


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My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
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