The one most effected…

Hershey… *sigh*  I really feel for my Bubbers.  He was hanging out with Goldie all of his life (7 years) and now being the only dog is really rough on him.  He has really improved over the last month but still cries on the weekends when we leave him.  It’s weird…during the week he’s fine.  It’s like he knows the routine and knows there is no chance for him getting to ride, but once Saturday and Sunday hits we practically have to sneak out of the house.  Getting past a 105 pound dog is really no easy task. 

Sooner or later we will probably adopt another dog but for now, Hershey is the sole King of the Castle. 


About Gina Coleman

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
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One Response to The one most effected…

  1. Reign says:

    Aww, sweet Hershey! I honestly think a loss in the family is hardest on the furry members of our family since they can’t share their hurt as easily as we can. 😦

    I’m glad that you created this blog! *hugs*

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